About Us

Cummings Mortgage Service was started in 1984.

Our Business

Dan Cummings was a vice president of a major bank and was becoming discouraged with how banks were becoming less personal and more corporate.  In an effort to provide more personal service to his customers, he used his banking contacts to become the first correspondent loan officer in the state of Ohio.  He chose Sandusky, Ohio because it is an area he always loved and an area where he could raise his family.

Dan has a strong belief that mortgage companies need to be either huge and impersonal or small and community oriented.  He chose to keep his company small so that he would always be across the desk directly from his customers.

Who We Are

Dan always had a part time secretary working for him.  However, in 1992, his daughter JoAnn joined him after having been part time help in the summer and on weekends during high school and four years of college.  In 1999, his son Tony joined the company.

Both JoAnn and Tony have a wealth of knowledge beyond their years and are planning on taking over the company if they can get Dan to retire.  However, Dan will always be an active participant in the business.  Every customer who walks in the door will be able to speak to the President of the company, from the customer buying a million dollar home to the first-time home buyer.