What Do You Need?

What you need for an application?

  • Last two pay stubs, must show 30 days pay
  • W-2s from the last two years
  • Two years tax returns if self-employed
  • Addresses covering last 2 years residence
  • Landlord’s names and addresses covering last 2 years
  • 2 years employment history, explanation of all gaps
  • List of monthly bills with minimum payments (including car loans/ leases, credit cards, student loans, personal loans)
  • Monthly statements for money markets, all pages
  • Two months bank statements, all pages
  • Proof of any recently paid debt
  • Statements of annuities, 401K, stocks, etc., all pages
  • Divorce and/or child support papers
  • Purchase agreement
  • Proof of sale of current house or listing agreement if applicable
  • Photo ID

FHA and VA Loans

  • DD-214 (VA only)
  • Three months bank statements
  • First time home buyers – 3 years tax returns + W-2s